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pennsylvania's grand canyon   
01:17am 11/06/2005
mood: bored
hey guys, it's pretty late. it's pretty $@*#! hot. i might get a haircut. i've been sleeping on the hallway floor a lot.

i might go to the gallery tomorrow to look at clothes at old navy.
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05:27pm 22/05/2005
mood: sleepy
i haven't been online much lately because typing is really hard. i want to give some shoutouts though:

my mom; thanks for letting me hang out in your room last night. sorry i knocked over all of your shit and got hair on your clothes.

my grandma; thanks for doing the pet massage on me that you saw on oprah.

stuart; hey man, thanks for feeding me.

mouse; thanks for petting me all the time even though everyone else prefers bean.

bean is doing okay, but she needs to shut the $@!$ up.
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holy crap !   
01:36am 15/09/2004
mood: weird
hey y'all, look at this. i found a picture of my twin, isn't this INSANE?

here's me last year;


here's this office cat from california;


we're even wearing the same outfit ! it's too close for comfort, frankly. i'm doing my family tree on geneaology.com right now. WHAT A TRIP !
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rest in peace   
12:42pm 13/08/2004
mood: sleepy
hey guys add me on catster !!!

my mom's at work right now, i'm messing with this pompom that my aunt rachel made me, it's pretty tight. did i tell you that bean moved in? i hated her at first but now we're cool. she's kindof retarded but whatev, she grooms pretty well.


space peanut !
04:54pm 24/04/2004
mood: sleepy
here's some pictures of me and my mom's friend after we drank some 40s.




my mom just text-messaged me, she's at an internet cafe and some boris karloff looking bitch just gave her the fishy eye for trying to pet her dog. as a pet WE LIKE IT when people pet us. creepy bitch.
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big momma thang   
11:39am 02/04/2004
mood: sleepy
hey y'all what's up? my mom is at work so i'm sitting on her pillow even though that makes her eyes water. i found a new way to poop in the litter box: stand with your front and back paws balanced on the very very edge with your butt hovering over the litter. it's just like pooping in a toilet!! TIGHT!!!!!!!!!

i think i'm going to go to city blue to look at some shoes.
hot hot hot   
12:00pm 20/09/2003
mood: sleepy
hey y'all i've been really busy. there was a HURRICANE the other night and now i'm afraid to sleep on the window sill, it's a total bummer because that was my favorite place to sleep.

my mom just got a new air freshener thing for the bathroom and i knocked it in the toilet already ! it was so fucking funny but she was pissed. oh and also when she was taking a shower today i kept sticking my head in and batting at her legs when she was trying to shave them. she was bleeding later, i don't know if it was related.

did you notice my mood icons totally look like me? CRAZY !
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hey y'all   
07:46pm 25/07/2003
mood: sleepy
hey y'all it's almost shark week ! i like sharks a lot even though i don't know wtf the ocean is. i drew a picture of me as a shark:

i'm going to go see if i can sell some of my mom's records to get money for meow mix. bye !
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12:05pm 20/07/2003
mood: sleepy
hey guys what's going on? i'm pretty tired today, i only slept for 16 hours last night. i went to see 'bad boys 2' with a few friends, it wasn't as good as the first one. here's some pictures my mom took of me last night:

jealous? anyway i gotta go, there's a fly in the house and i am going to see if i can bat at it for awhile.
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holding it down, you know how we do   
07:33pm 19/07/2003
mood: sleepy
oh hey y'all, this is my first entry. this guy i like, jessie, has one of these so i thought i'd try it out and see if there's any other cats online who might want to hang out. i'm pretty bored today, my mom is in her pajamas and sunglasses and it's like, 7pm. she's fucking crazy but she's the only one of us who's tall enough to reach the food so whatever.

here's a picture of me and my mom this morning:

don't you wish the internet was scratch'n'sniff? okay add me to your friends lists guys! i'm going to go sleep in the laundry hamper, byeeee.